Horsefeathers Roadhouse Celebrates as the Best Waterin’ Hole in Lake Norman

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Horsefeathers Roadhouse

3746 Mt. Pleasant Road

Sherrills Ford, NC 28673

Horsefeathers Roadhouse Celebrates as the Best Waterin’ Hole in Lake Norman

Mooresville, NC

Horsefeathers Property History: In 1952, the property started as a small 100 sq. ft. wooden fuel service shack with a single gas pump. The developer was a local farmer, Gabe Little. The current building was built in 1955 as a grocery store and fuel stop. Its footprint was (and is) 8,000 square feet evenly divided on two levels. In later years, the lower level became a bar and game room called “Jack’s”, operated by Jack Todd, wife, and family.

Frequent visitors were motorcycle riders and local farmers joining together to enjoy this countryside watering hole. Later, after Lake Norman was established in the early 1960’s, the ownership changed hands and Paul and Peggy Helms took over renaming the business as “Paul’s Downstairs”. It5 soon became well known in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina as a place to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, shoot pool, drink beer, and enjoy original country music.

In 1994, Sherry and Tim Anderton bought the building, adjoining 2 acres of property, with 245 ft. of water frontage surrounding a cove on Lake Norman. The Andertons totally gutted the building, redesigned and rebuilt the interior format, and added a 2100 sq. ft. deck on the lower lever overlooking the two acre park and the Lake Norman cove.

Today the restaurant operates 365 days a year with a large upper level outdoor patio, a 24 tap bar room, and 2,000 square foot dance floor that serves as a dining room when live music is not performing on stage. Today the lower interior level consists of a 2100 square foot game room with seating, a 13 seat “quiet bar”, and a high production kitchen that operates every day of the year. The primary fare is a long historic line of Southern barbeque products that are mainly prepared in a separate, wood fired smokehouse that is known by many as the largest stand-alone BBQ smokehouse on Lake Norman and Western North Carolina. The high production cooker can produce as many an 18 pork shoulders on a single nine hour turn. The property features ample parking provided by lots on both the upper and lower levels of the property.

Horsefeathers as a Business Entity: It took the Andertons two years to rebuild the facility and do the necessary earthwork to make the property accommodating for a 220 seat restaurant and bar with plentiful parking. In 1996, the remodeled property opened up under the current name of Horsefeathers Roadhouse. Over the past 19 years various upgrades and additions to the facility have brought it to its present day operations. The environment is dramatically non-corporate, “off the wall”, rustic, and welcoming in the style of country western. The exterior of the building has trompe l’oeil facings depicting the features of an old western town, complete with drug store, Western Union service, general store, and jail. There are even a few horse hitching posts out front. The customer demographic is highly mixed with locals, professionals, construction workers, farmers, lake residents, campground vacationers, families, bikers, and many casual visitors who come from many miles around to enjoy the vast array of Southern BBQ products. The environment is as a relaxed hang out where everyone can take their time and enjoy the food, the drinks, the games, and the camaraderie of the many “regulars” who call Horsefeathers Roadhouse their second home.

Unique Features: Along with our Southern BBQ products, Horsefeathers Roadhouse is known for the following unique attributes:

  • Daily specials featuring down home country entrees that are simply not found elsewhere in the Lake Norman market.
  • Horsefeathers famous “Kickback Club” that offers regular discounts and incentives to over 3,000 members.
  • A unique “made out of panel wooden doors” bar that features all sorts of imbedded memorabilia contributed by our clientele.
  • Fun lovin’ live entertainment on a regular basis featuring country western and Southern rock every weekend. Otherwise, there is always a strong “music” vibe at Horsefeathers
  • An extremely active website that features a regular blog update along with our monthly calendar of events, which is updated and always available at the restaurant and on the website.
  • Horsefeathers is proud of our cleanliness as a key operating feature.
  • Horsefeathers is proud of its 4.5 star rating on YELP as well as its good reviews from Open Table.
  • A broad selection of unique and “fun lovin” tee shirts and hoodies that remind the owner of the good times had at Horsefeathers.
  • Upon arrival at Roadhouse, a newcomer will see the name HORSEFEATHERS on the tin roof in 11’ tall letters; no one misses our historic buildings.
  • Horsefeathers is dedicated to our Veterans and to our Armed Forces military personnel. Many veterans in the region and beyond visit each day with us. Horsefeathers Roadhouse flies four American flags across the rooftop in honor of each of the four branches of the American Armed Services.
  • Horsefeathers operates as the oldest “watering hole” (bar) on Lake Norman as it has survived the years to do improve and grow.
  • Most notably, the Horsefeathers wait staff is always focused on the best service possible to attend to the needs and wants of our guests; ever present smiles help ensure a great time.

About Horsefeathers Roadhouse (HFR): Founded in 1996 by the Anderton Family, it has a rich history going back to the days of the Korean War. HFR is both a restaurant and a classic southern watering hole catering to locals, motorcycle and classic car enthusiasts, professionals, visitors to the Lake Norman Area, and our U.S. Military Veterans and active military personnel. Horsefeathers Roadhouse is well known in the Lake Norman Region and the Piedmont for its culinary excellence and rustic ambiance which translates southern hospitality to a good time 365 days a year.  

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