The Lake Norman Legend of the Horse Feather and the Infamous Hawg Wing

Feather stuart miles grey editedsamandale horseMany eons ago, the most revered object in the entire realm, was a “Horse Feather” from the winged beast of Pegasus. The feather, it was said, had mysterious powers, much like Pegasus itself, and could bestow upon its holder riches and fortunes beyond comprehension.

The Governor of Dry Pond, as the area of Carolina was known back then, issued a proclamation, making the horse feather a symbol of peace, harmony, and happiness. The Catawba town of Dry Pond and the surrounding areas celebrated the proclamation by feasting on a particular “rib” from a barbequed pig as they all consumed large vats of ale. The event was said to have gone on for seven days and seven nights. It was on the seventh night at the seventh hour that the most curious situation took place. A young Catawba Indian boy entered the BBQ pit area and upon his head was a headband with a single feather in it. It was a beautiful horse feather. The Indian boy removed the feather and presented it to the governor with the words: “To benefit mankind, we present this horse feather”. The governor thanked the lad and assured him that the feather was in good hands. The boy left as he had come.

The governor thought long and hard. He finally decided to ask the feather for a treat that every man, woman, and child, Indian or settler, could agree was the tastiest, most mouthwatering, delicious morsel of meat in the Catawba land. At that moment, a flash of lightning startled the governor. He looked out and gazed upon, what was once an empty parcel of land; only to see a tin roof building where once only forest stood. He could smell the unbelievably zingy BBQ aroma drifting out from the simple structure. He watched as the town folks and Indians alike approached and cautiously entered the structure. It was then that he heard the joyous voices becoming louder and louder. It sounded like a chorus of angels. They were singing the praises of that original rib from the ancient town of Dry Pond. Now and forever it will now be known as the Hawg Wing; the mystical, magical creation that defies all definition and imagination. The mighty Hawg Wing stands for peace, harmony, and happiness as it “wallers” in bounteous barbecue sauce.

So, dear patron, now that thou know the Legend of the Horse Feather and the Hawg Wing, thou are hereby anointed to spread the word to all thy brethren, and invite them to feast with thou on this most uncommon treat. Thou must direct them, with all thy will and might, to that particular tin roof structure near the grand lake, adjacent to where the mighty forest lay fallow. We fare thee well as thou send these legends, now and forever, throughout the Catawba land. And so it was written for all the decades.

Here in 2015, the legend grows at Horsefeathers Roadhouse in Historic Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.


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